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Acid of the Day #1

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Ronan Le Roux – New mix – Paotr Saout – Quatre-Vingt huitard

I have another great mix to share with you from Ronan Le Roux, if you like you the darker side of early acid music then get on this mix. Man [...]

Flea Markets and Cold Fingers – Winter Crate Digging for the hardened collectors

Just got back from my local flea market after freezing my fingers off for an hour, but came back with a bag full of goodies. A genre crossin [...]

Tune of the Day – Liz Torres – Touch of Love

[youtube=] Gotta say I think Liz Torres is super sexy, her picture on the cover sleeve of “I [...]

Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88

Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88 The gods were smiling on me on the last day in May, I was moving all my worldly possession [...]

Warp 9 – Nunk (Instrumental)

I was listening to this early today and thought it deserved to be ressurected as it sounds just so good. The instrumental is a nice laid bac [...]

Vinyl vs CD …The experiment to find out which one sounds better.

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Tim Acid – Visions of House 1990 – 1991 Vol 1

Thought I would resurface this mix I orignally made in 2004, it reflects some of my favourite European and US house music that I was listeni [...]

The Delorme – Beatniks (Dharma Bums Mix)

The year 1993, the place Club UK, Wandsworth London, the tune – The Delorme – Beatniks (Dharma Bums Mix). I had just got back fr [...]

Robin Wants Revenge !!!

For many years there has been a lot of mystery that surrounds this tune, I remember first hearing this on a Carl Cox tape from back in the d [...]
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