It's just the sun rising……………….

The Beloved is a British electronic music group. In 1983, Jon Marsh placed an advert in the music press which read as follows:

I am Jon Marsh, founder member of the Beloved. Should you too wish to do something gorgeous, meet me in exactly three year’s time at exactly 11am in Diana’s Diner, or site thereof, Covent Garden, London, WC2.

At the meeting in 1986, Cambridge graduate Steve Waddington was present and the two formed the core, with Tim Havard and Guy Gausden completing the lineup. The band originally had a guitar orientated sound, but soon began using drum machines and dance elements. They sounded at times like New Order, and a summation of this stage of their career can be found on the compilation “Where It Is”. After slimming down to a two piece consisting of Marsh and Waddington, they began to embrace a dance sound more wholeheartedly, and in 1988 the single “The Sun Rising” became a club favourite. “The Sun Rising” featured a sample of “O Euchari” by Emily Van Evera, a sample also used by Orbital on their tune “Belfast”. This was followed by the album Happiness in 1990, from which the hit single “Hello” was released.

Up Up And Away- (Happy sexy mix)

Hello (Honky tonk)

Wake Up Soon (Something To Belive In )

Time after Time (Muffin Mix)

Pablo (Special K dub)

The sun rising (Nortys Spago Mix)

Its alright Now (Back To Basics)

Your Love Takes Me Higher (Calyx Of Isis)

Up Up And Away (Beautiful Baloon Mix)

The sun Rising (Dannys Love is Mix)


  • Peter
    16/03/2008 - 23:51 | Permalink

    Took a chance on the Love Corporation track as I thought it could be one I had taped off the radio many years ago…. I knew Danny Rampling had remixed it but couldn’t remember what it was called.

    Thanks, THAT’S THE ONE!, just love the keyboards, perfect for the meditating raver…!

  • Peter Amsterdam
    13/02/2009 - 22:50 | Permalink

    Never forget that 5am loving feeling…..respect

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