Happy New Year 2008 – Bring on the music ….Live on the digital airwaves between 21:00-23:00 Hrs on Future-Music.co.uk

Welcoming the New Year, I’ll be mixing live on Future-Music.co.uk between the hours of 21:00hrs-23:00Hrs GMT tommorrow night …yes that’s Monday night. So remember to tune in if you want to indulge your ears in some fine techno, minimal and electro delights.

Tune in using Winamp http://s3.global-streaming.net:7500/listen.pls

Tune in using iTunes http://s3.global-streaming.net:7500/listen.pls

Tune in using Realplayer


Tune in using Media Player


paste links into your media players for the future-music live stream.

As the station was quite yesterday, I done a random live set and thought I’d share it with you so you can blast your ears out of any Christmas carols that may have got stuck in the ear canal. The set starts with some deep and tech house before progressing to techno and then ending up with some electro house with some dirty ass basslines.

Download it here – Tim Rivers – Future Music Live Set mp3

Phonique – The Workout

DJ Fex – Mysterious Coverstations

Redshape – Blackdust

Mark Archer – I Said Funky

Hosh – Jazzkantine

Martini Bros – From Buleaux

John Dahlback – Track for adults

Andreas Kauffelt & Toby Izui – Melt Into

Minimow – Wheres my pill

Voodooamt – Imperical Noises

Bobby Peru – Lies

Blackstrobe – Shining Bright Star

Download it here – Tim Rivers – Future Music Live Set mp3

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