Bad Bwoooy, Come wid it ..raggamuffin bizness and ting…..LOL wtf?

In my older years my music taste has softened slightly and I listen to less 92-93 hardcore and replaced it with more 125bpm acidic house rhythms. But that makes it even more of a pleasure when you put on a hardcore breakbeat tune that you have not listened to on ages and let the beats take you bake to a sweaty club, field, squat, hot boxed car. But what about this ressurgence of breakbeat that has been prominent for the last three years in the underground club land. Personally I don’t think these new breakbeat tunes that are coming out at the moment have a touch on the old skool, ok many are very well produced and DJ friendly. But they are so predictable, the break beat is the same on every bloody tune, and they just keep remixing old tunes to death, where is the originality, where has the gritty creativity gone. Don’t get me wrong, I like new break beat tunes in moderation, but a whole night of the same repetative beat is enough to send me to sleep and loose interest. Below are some ‘bad bwooy’ (he says tounge in cheek) break beats from back in the day of 1992, with some  personal memories attached to them, and one is an anthem you should all have heard before.

Funky Junky – Two Plus One (Raggamuffin Bizness) white Label 1992.mp3

Jonny L – Hurt You So (Full Mix) 1992 mp3

Structual Damage – Really Livin’ 1992 mp3

Eat Life – Bach to Basics 1992 mp3

Good 2 Bad and the Hugly – You know how to love me 1992 mp3

Enjoy the tunage :)

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