Back to the Future Part IV

 Back to the Future part IV

What a top night of old skool tunes from the PR Crew in Hailsham, had me bouncing around the dance floor like a loon all night. All the DJ’s put in exceptional sets, Silks warmed it up nicely with a smooth selection of house, followed by Corey M, the club went off when he dropped Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom, then snuck Joey Beltram’s Energy flash straight after. Altern 8’s Mr Nex hats off to you sir, started the set with some hip hop then built it up and up and up then Lhasa – Attic came in…fuck my ol boots..lots of hands in the air moments and shape cutting tunes like Trigger – Stratosphere. Cutter top the evening off nicely playing Patti Day’s – Right Before My Eyes and put in a blinder of a set…….lots of classics….bleeps, breaks and basslines. Not sure who played Mental Cube – Q, but that was awesome…….loved every minute of the music last night….

Great to say hello to the Crew, Corey M, Silks, Dance M, Legsta, Cutter, Mr Nex, Sarah, Annie, Ste, Col, Jo Jo, Ste’s bro, Jimbury, Livelea, Martin Russell…I am sure I saw a Mouse in there too…or it was her double….but was pretty fecked at that time…. sure I have missed some people…

Was great to see the Scouse crew down in the South had a top night dancing with yers.

Massive love and hugs to my Mrs who drove us back home safely, ‘errrrrr it’s really foggy tonight’…’ love that will be smear from the windscreen wipers….it stopped raining 20mins ago’

Big thanks to all the PR Crew that put in tons of effort into the night, the club looked wicked…… could see lots of hardwork and I am sure plenty of stress went into the night……hats off to you Gents…you pulled off a blinder….

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