We Came In Peace For All Mankind

When I first started getting into ‘rave’ music in 1990 I would recorded Colin Dale & Colin Favor’s Kiss FM radio show. There was a stand out track that I recorded at the time that had catchy sample taken from the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing when the astronauts read out a plaque that ended with the words ‘We came in peace for all mankind’. This tune was amazing and stopped me in my tracks, I was completley mesmerised by it and drifted off with it’s spacey feel. It took me about 14 years to track this down, and credit to scouse dj Pluto for id’ing this as Ray Love – Techno for All Mankind released on Tekno Kut Records in 1991. However last year I stumbled across Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace on Logic Records that was released in 1993, on the release was the original 1990 version, after a bit of digging around I found that this was on a Dance 2 Trance white label on suck me plasma label in 1990 and looks like Ray bootlegged it on Tekno Cut. This tune was a fav by many dj’s and was one of the earlier tunes that was influential in shaping the trance and progressive house scene, you will find this on John Digweed’s Choices CD released on Azuli which is a compilation of sublime tunes hand picked by diggers giving an insight to the music that influenced his progressive sound.

Have a listen to the tune here:

DANCE 2 TRANCE – We Came In Peace – Original 1990 White Label version.mp3

More early progressive and trance sound from 1989-1992 to follow……

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