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I started to discover deeper sounds of house music when I recorded a Roger Sanchez Mix on Kiss FM (London) in January 1992. Although I was bang into hardcore & techno at that back then and a regular listener to Colin Dale and Colin Faver, I found time chill out to the laid back sounds of house music when I was not getting off my box at 145bpms. I still enjoy listening to a deep house mix from time to time and this morning found a recent Larry Heard Mix on Deep House Page that is full of old those old tunes that are on the Roger Sanchez Kiss mix I recorded back in the day. If you like it deep, check out Deep House Page, it is an excellent site with the largest selection of deep house mixes on the net, also check out Larry Heardís (Mr Fingers) website and original deep house label Alleviated Records to dig deeper into the history.

Mr Fingers Mix 22 March 2007


1 “Touch” / Rasoul (large)
2 “Raising The Dead” / Kimbu Kimra (mantis)
3 “Zumbi” (remix) / Frankie Valentine (sunshine enterprises)
4 “Lady” (remix) / Zorg (ucmg)
5 “Holdin’ On” / Michael Watford (atlantic)
6 “You Bring Me Vibes” / Only Child (grand central)
7 “Player 1″ / Nick Holder (nrk)
8 “Trancedance” (k-alexi edit) / Night Moves (gc)
9 “Party Time” / Dark Knights (intrigue)
10 “Happy Station” / Fun Fun (x-energy)
11 “Just Like We” / Hot Chip (emi)
12 “Reach Out” / Runaway Trax (bottom line)
13 “Hold On” / Clubland (great jones)
14 “Nation Of Islam” / V4 Visions (v4 visions)
15 “Rock Me” / Screamin’ Rachael (westbrook)
16 “Black Oceans” / Larry Heard (blackmarket)
17 “Moody Lately” / Kelli Hand (third ear)
18 “So In Love” / Black Rascals (polar)
19 “Mm Pa Paa Paaa” / Dee (dee)
20 “I Hear My Calling” / Sean Grant (zestland)



  • Rob
    30/11/2008 - 13:41 | Permalink

    Thank you. That was great. Back in the day I used to have some of these tunes, and other tunes by some of these artists, and lots of other tunes by other people. Kind of sad that that record collection has dispersed itself, but the memories remain, and they’re always sweet. I think the last thing I bought by Larry Heard was a pair of (Labello Blanco?) whites in about … early ’97 maybe … D&B, so a little different in style, but still beautiful. Just like the occasional visit here. Thanks again.

  • David Morris
    28/06/2010 - 20:31 | Permalink


    I also heard that Roger Sanchez mix and still have them. It was 14th Feb 1992 and he did a 3 hour mix on the section called Givin’ it up which used to have the US djs playing a mix.

    Respect and regards

  • 28/06/2010 - 21:18 | Permalink

    Nice 1 David …thanks for clarifying the date …I am suprised I even remember it being early Part of 1992 …

    I still have the tape…sadly only recorded 90 mins… and then proceeded to edit out the adverts and jingles…so it sounds a rather butchered edit of the mix…

    if you have the means…it would be great to hear the full 3hrs

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