Monthly Archives: June 2007

Pirate Revival – Tim Acid's Last Monday Night Mix Show 8-10 GMT – End of an Era

After much thought I have decided to bring my Monday Nights show on Pirate Revival Old Skool Internet Station to an end. I have been with th [...]

Tim Acid – Visions of 1991 (Part One) Old Skool Mix

This is part one of Visions of 1991, originally hosted on the website a while ago I thought I would put this back on-line. For me the select [...]

Kris Klassiks- Old Skool Mix Vol 1

Another treat to load in your ipod today from London DJ Kris Klassiks. Kris used to run/DJ at a club in Brixton under the arches on Colharbo [...]

Acid Squelchy heaven ……ReBirth (TB303 emulator) Free from Propellerhead

Acid House music began when musicians discovered that they could create interesting sounds with the Roland TB-303 analogue bass synthesizer [...]

Mix Tape Favourites – Vol 2 – Derrick May

Derrick May is one of the original innovators of Detroit techno responsible for one of the largest Old skool anthem of this day ‘Strings of [...]

Beyond Understanding….

Hardcore time for ya today, but with a bit of soul and intelligence. First heard these tracks on mixes in 1992 by a local DJ called Haze a r [...]

For those who like it deep……

I started to discover deeper sounds of house music when I recorded a Roger Sanchez Mix on Kiss FM (London) in January 1992. Although I was b [...]

The Bridewell Taxis

It is amazing what you find in your record collection, a few weeks ago i was listing on oggs a box of tunes I have had in the attic for year [...]

Mix Tape Favourites – Vol 1 – DJ Hype

This has to be one of the most exciting mix tapes from late 1990 that has been doing the rounds, the mixing is superb and highly creative fo [...]

Hens teeth & rocking horse shit….

Ok so my arm is still in a cast, so I will not be playing on Pirate Revival tonight so hopefully Brooker will be doing the cover as usual. A [...]
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