Monthly Archives: May 2007

1992 Mix by R2DJ

I received this link from Jay a welcomed vistor of The Acid House the other day. This mix is by R2DJ from Germany and has a great selection [...]

Party People….

  Torpedo Town Free Party, nr Liss Hampshire 1991 – Sweat Sound System descended on this otherwise peaceful hippy festival on the Frida [...]

The Chill out too trancentral..

I have not heard this following tune for some time and forgot how good it sounds……….to be honest back 1991 I was not keen [...]

Something Scary………

The first time I heard this track was on a 1989 tape recording of DJ Hype on Fantasy FM, this was about 1992 when I borrowed some old tapes [...]

A split second……wiki

A Split-Second’s debut single “Flesh” is credited with kick-starting the New Beat genre. Legend has it that New Beat was i [...]

Acid in the house

The originators of the sound of Belgium, 1989. Hard New-Beat Acid music. Made by the likes of Maurice Engelen, Morton-Sherman-Belluci, Lords [...]

Order to Dance……..

R&S Records were a major contributor to the New Beat Scene and produced scores of dance floor hits….. R & S Records represents [...]

A Tribute to New Beat Music…….

This week The Acid House will bring exposure to the sounds of New beat Music and will update the site with mixes and tunes from this importa [...]

The Electro Goddess…..

There are DJ’s who play records……there are DJ’s who beat mix records…….and then there are DJ’s who sculpture, shape and mould sound together [...]

Eating shoom!

The Acid House has stumbled across an amazing magazine called Positive Energy Of Madness that was circulating around the same time as the Bo [...]
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